Medicinal bio-garden. The Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos monastery

Nature is a God-given treasury, filled with abundant types of plants, which properly harvested, dried and treated, become true remedies for various illnesses we face in our modern, dynamic way of life. 

Medicinal oils and balms

Encouraged by the desire to help ourselves and those in need, and to at least alleviate these illnesses a little bit, we decided to set up this small workshop for making macerates (infused oils).

The macerates are made by immersing fresh or dried herbs in a cold-pressed oil for a long period, while the medicinal, therapeutic and aromatic properties of the herbs are extracted into the herbal oil, giving it remedial effects, while retaining their rich colors and beautiful aromas.

The infused oils are safe for oral use and can be used without any limitations, as they are not as concentrated as the essential oils and do not need further dissolving. They can be used in ointments, balms, lotions, massages or other medicinal treatments. 

The balms are also products made from infused oils. As a basis for one type of cream, we use a proper infused oil, according to the type of skin, for which the balm is intended. 

Liqueurs and preserves

We make the liqueurs in a traditional way of fresh or dried herbs, fruits or berries, that we soak in wine or rakiya (brendy), and leave them to mature for a certain amount of time, according to the necessary time for each of the ingredients to infuse and release its noblest and most healing properties.

Both the oils and the liqueurs are natural remedies for human health.

The sweet preserve is a recognisable feature of the monastic hospitality in the monasteries, where the pilgrims are served with a homemade monastery sweet preserve and a glass of water. 

We make our sweet preserves according to traditional recipes using seasonal fruits.  

Ajvar is an essential part of the Macedonian winter-preserves. We prepare it according to a traditional recipe. Of course – it is always in limited quantities.