The monastic quarter.The Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos monastery, Matka.

The monastic quarter was built in the XIX century, when certain repairs were made in the vault of the church. There was an entry recorded in one of the cells (rooms) in the lodging: 

“At that time it was Avkentiy monk 1851 September 10 day – to be known that Ilija Stanoev made a room for health and salvation, amen”

The monastic quarter

The monastic quarters are built in the form of an abbreviated letter P, having in the central place the church dedicated to the Dormition of the Most HolyTheotokos. It has been renovated several times. The outer wall facing north with the longest side is completely built of stone at the height of both floors. The inner wall of the lower floor – in terms of proximity to the inside of the church – is also built entirely of stone. Both are less than a meter thick. The inside of the upper floor is covered with clayey bricks and mud, the insulation is air. With a staircase on two sides connected to the ground floor, in the center, along the entire internal length of the inn, there is a balcony, in which the then builders used their skillful performances very well. Today it is glazed and is a kind of gallery and summer space for creating during monastic obediences.

Saint Grigorius Palama and saint Naum of Ohrid paraclisis

From the foundation of the sisterhood at the monastery in 1998, all the services, except the Liturgy, are held by the sisters in the paraclisis of St. Gregory Palamas and St. Naum of Ohrid. In 2000, when the new iconostasis was placed in the church, with new icons, the old 18th century iconostasis was incorporated into the paraclisis.

Dining room

On the ground floor, on the right side of the church is the dining room. With the blessing of Archbishop Stefan, from the painting crew – St. Apostle Luke, the eastern wall was frescopainted with a fresco of the Most Holy Theotokos on the throne – protector of the monastery, and on both sides are the frescoes of St. Nicholas and St. Andrew – coprotectors of the Matka, patrons of the monasteries – Shishevski and Andreas.

Besides the portraits of Archbishops Dositej, Angelarius, Michael and Stephen, there are frescoes of St. Paul, Tsar Justinian, St. Cyril and Methodius, St. Clement and Nahum, St. John Rakotinski and St. Gabriel the Great, all the work of Malka Koneska.

Synaxis and guest room

In front of the church is the guest room, often used for synaxis. During the renovation, two rooms were joined to get the necessary space. The renewal with the blessing of the Patron of the monastery, is executed with the selfless contribution of all the masters, according to their suggestions and solutions, with special joyfulness. At the very end of the enrichment with the wooden set, believers presented an icon of the Most Holy Theotokos with Christ. A few months earlier, they had ordered it from an icon painter-restorer.


Gallery – is the space of the inn in which are exhibited some of the vestments that are made in the monastery, and in part are exhibited other products, made during the monastic obediences, both from this and other monasteries, and from believers who nurture the old crafts.

It is located in the wing of the inn to the left of the church.
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