The Typikon of the monastery. Monastic hospitality.

The Typikon of the monastery

The Typikon of the monastery follows the tradition of the monasteries on Mount Athos, based on the ascetic-hesychastic life, practicing the Jesus prayer. 

The sisterhood of the monastery starts its day early in the morning hours by gathering on synaxis, where they read short scripts from the holy fathers, as a preparation for the prayer rule with the Jesus prayer in their cells, until the start of the daily duties in the monastery. While accomplishing the daily obediences, sisters nurture silence and constant Jesus prayer. The monastery established its workshop for production of sacred vestments (bishops’, priests’, deacons’, to a complete church clothing ). As a monastic handicrafts we produce macerates (infused oils), creams, liqueurs, seasonal sweet preserves, as well as decoration and refinement of censers, mugs, bags, bookmarks, embroidery with stylistic byzantine and folk ornaments, and making of prayer ropes. Also, the maintenance and the management of the monastery buildings, yard, garden is part of the responsibilities of our sisters.  

All of the services are held in the home chapel of St. Gregory Palamas and St. Naum of Ohrid in the monastic, inner part of the monastery’s buildings, and the Liturgy on Sunday and for the other bigger feasts are held in the main monastery church, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos.  

The visitors and the guests of the monastery are welcomed by the host sister, who warmly receives and listens to them, sympathizing with their sorrows and troubles, as well as with their joys and success. Through her hospitality they can learn more about the history of the monastery, they can see the handcrafts, the monastery shop, and they can ask for prayerful help for themselves and their loved ones, both living and deceased.